Our Certified Business Coaches work with Students at the CSC’s to identify which business is best for them.  Our “Own A Business” Track provides the necessary skills to Succeed where others fail.  We truly teach you how to “Swim with the Sharks” in business.

Succeed in Life.

Our Certified Business Coaches work with our team of collaborative subject matter experts (SMEs) and authors on a wide variety of assessments, educational,  and motivational materials.  This content is available in our LearnShare Library for access 24 X 7 for enrolled students. 

We invite experts to do live webinars, masterminds, challenges, and mini courses; then we archive these in our Library.

Succeed in Dreams & Goals.

Certified Business Coaches, together with collaborators such as by Blueprints Lab, LLC. helps students cross the commercialization “valley of death.” SiMPL™ Certified Agents assist by directing the path of their idea toward the right Market Pull and assisting in the development of products and associated copyright, trademark, and patent intellectual property (IP).  Agents also Leverage resources to handle a number of tasks and enable our students make a dream or idea happen in the shortest amount of time.

commercialization valley of death - overcome by SiMPL development process

Certified Business Coaches will use one or more assessment tools, like SiMPL, Quiddity, DISC, Meyers Briggs and many others to enable students to develop their dreams and ideas into an executable business plan.

Succeed in Relationships.

Certified Business Coaches, work with other collaborators to help students learn to develop audiences for their products and services.  Examples are Blu2Marketing  and Tracy Davison LinkedIn Events.

Our  Collaborative Business Alliance  is a local business networking group included in a student’s monthly tuition.  Some networking clubs can cost more than $100 a month alone.  It help you network your business concept nationwide, if appropriate. 

The LeadShare Network will help you build local leads and business relationships, have regular speakers events, and build your local business. 

Succeed in Finances.

Certified Business Coaches, work with other collaborators to help students learn personal and business budgeting.  We will invite licensed CPAs, Financial Services Professionals and others to create courses in LearnShare Library as well as do live events at the Centers and online events as well.

Succeed in Revenue.

Certified Business Coaches, work with other collaborators to help students develop their business to be more profitable and how to implement multiple streams of revenue from our many programs you can diversify your income for good times and bad. 

We are all about Sharing Capitalism and how it will change business in the 21st century.