Collaboration is the working together of two or more individuals or companies on an idea, project, product, or service that results in its commercialization and each member of the collaboration shares pro-rata according to their contribution.  This is Sharing Capitalism.

This is not a joint venture or partnership rather an open relationship based in agreement or organization structure such as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).  They can be internal, external, or both in an organization.  Often, they have public and private members on the team.

Our Approach

CFCS is about empowering individuals to capture the opportunities and freedom associated with owning your own business. We provide grants to disadvantaged groups to give them a hand up not a hand out. We do this through education and funding. Grants are awarded based, as funds are available, on need and the willingness to learn how to steward a business properly. We use collaborative techniques and sharing principles to “pay it forward” (PIF) these blessings. Grant recipients may share from future profits back to the ShareFund which launched them in a pay-it-forward initiative.

Franchising Opportunities

Business Format Franchising and Business Opportunities are two ways that individuals looking to own a business have found success. They typically gain three things: a proven brand, a business system, and training.

  • Proven Brand. Franchising requires the filing for a trademark “TM” with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and hopefully its full registration “®”.  This is what consumers are looking for “A Brand They Can Trust.”
  • Business System. Start-ups have to endure many mistakes before they can be profitable.  By purchasing a franchise you pay a “Franchise Fee” to license the Business System from the franchisor, which in most cases shortens your time to profitability if you follow the plan. “A Proven System They Can Follow.”
  • Training. Franchisors provide home office training, onsite training for grand opening and ongoing training and development.  “Training And Support To Teach You How To Successful Run This Business.”

However, most franchise concepts are out of the financial reach of the disadvantaged worker. Our concept of the ShareFund is that it can provide a ShareGrant to qualified grant candidates to help with the purchase of their franchise concept that best fits them.

CFCS collaborates with Collaborative Franchise Systems, LLC to assist our Members and Students “Solve The Puzzle Of Owning A Franchise.”  

Collaboration in Action

CFSC is using collaborative concepts based in Sharing Capitalism to get existing franchisors to rethink their business models. For example, Repicci’s Italian Ice has already developed a program called the Collaborative Retailer (CR) Franchise Program with us. Their normal franchise concept costs between $45,000 (trailer) and $180,000 (food truck) to own a franchise. With our strategies, innovations, and methods; they have now introduced the CR at $7,500; therefore, a $10,000 Grant would provide 100% payment and working capital of $2,500 to start.

For Education and Training Purposes Only:  Not offer is made to sell any franchise unless you receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)  sent to you by a franchisor who is approved to sell franchises in your state.