Helping Small Businesses Collaborate and Flourish

We Train You To Operate Your Business
and “Swim with the Sharks!”

Our Centers Build Communities

  • The Center For Collaborative Sharing, Inc. (CFCS) is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose mission is to help disadvantaged individuals and collaborative teams who want to own a business.

  • Our local Collaborative Sharing Center (CSC), lead by a Certified Business Coach, shows our students the way to SUCCESS.

  • We offer grants to qualified students who graduate from our courses and want to start a business of their own.

An Ecosystem for Collaborative Sharing

Inventor | Developer | Sharer

Blueprints IDS™ Collaborative

We collaborate with Blueprints Lab to take you great Ideas, Innovations to market.  Three steps:

  1. Innovation
  2. Create Communities
  3. Share Revenue and Rewards
The collaborative sharing diagram with interactive circles for innovation, communities, and sharing.
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IDS Share

Our CSC’s lead the way to Collaborative Sharing


Collaboration is the working together of two or more individuals or companies on an idea, project, product, or service that results in its commercialization and each member of the collaboration share pro-rata in profits and rewards according to their contribution.

Collaborations can be by agreement or organization structure.  They can be internal, external, or both.  Often, they have public and private members on the team.

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Sharing is the new Equity


From childhood, we are told to share.  As adults, we tend to keep mostly for ourselves. At CFCS, we believe in a concept called Sharing Capitalism™. We share from our excess called abundance and sow into individuals and communities, In return, we receive a harvest based on the principle: “One seed stewarded well can feed an entire nation.”

Knowledge Is Power To Achieve Your Dreams


At CFCS our Certified Business Coaches work with our Students to:

  • Succeed in Life
  • Succeed in Dreams and Goals
  • Succeed in Relationships
  • Succeed in Finances
  • Succeed in Revenue