Membership is Free

No Website Dues

There is currently no paid membership or dues for the use of the CFCS website, nor is any investment required either.

Access to Website Content

FREE Members may access certain content on this website, subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Student Level Available

Membership is FREE to all Members. However, some Members may become Students (See CSC/Use Fees) to a Collaborative Sharing Center (CSC) operated by an independent franchisee, called a ShareCoach™.

CSC/Use Fees

CSC/Platform Use Fees cost $150 per month plus an annual enrollment fee of $49 (or $1,249 if paid annually – a 33% savings). The Use Fees provide a ShareCoach, use of an incubator-like shared office space, training, the LearnShare Library, ShareLeads Network and other services for a flat monthly fee (with an discount for paying annually). CFSC, your ShareCoach, collaborators, and affiliates will receive revenue share or royalty payments for use fees and certain services provided to the CSC and subscribed students. Students can apply for financial aid from CFCS with a need disclosure with their Student Application.

Membership Is Free

CFCS Reserved Rights

CFCS reserves the right to charge a membership fee and/or dues in the future to meet the needs of CFCS as a non-profit.

CFCS May Enter into Collaborative Agreements

CFSC may enter into one of more collaborative relationships with either Affiliates, Vendors, or other Collaborators that are for-profit and non-profit and we may share in the prices charged to you by them; however, this should not cost you more (and likely less) than the suggested retail price to non-members.