How Our System Works


At CFCS, we have established our ShareFund as a “grant-giving endowment fund.” We help disadvantaged individuals (such as: Women, Minorities, Native Americans, Veterans, the Disabled, Bi-vocational Ministers, Entrepreneurs, etc.) to grow their business through our Certified Training and by awarding ShareGrants of up to $10,000 each. Our four-year goal is to raise an endowment of $10 million. We intend to fund the ShareFund from initially two (2) potential sources.

(1) Develop one or more “rewards crowdfunding” (i.e., campaigns with four (4) giving tiers:

Up to $100 No Reward, tax deductible, and an thank you.

$101 – $250 A Gift or a Class Credit ($49 Value), tax deductible.

$251 – $9,999 A Gift and 1 Class Credits per $250 given. 

$10,000 + By Agreement, or ShareCRUT, and ShareVouchers.

(2) See our ShareCRUT Program.


The ShareCRUT Program is designed to receive cash and “in-kind” gifts of $10,000 or more. Donors can be corporate gifts or sponsorships, government grants, private foundation grants, and individual giving.

The ShareCRUT is a branded form of Net Income Makeup Uni-Trust (NIMCRUT), or similar, and offers a 5-year period certain payout at 10% per year on the stated gift value. The value of the gift must comply with IRS rules where donor declares the asset’s value, which establishes the value of the gift used for ShareCRUT calculations. If the donor and CFCS agree, they enter into the charitable remainder trust agreement.

Example Only: Base on an Online Calculator, if a donor gave $10,000, in cash or “in-kind” useful asset and the ShareCRUT was for 5 years period certain the donor would get a tax deduction of about $5,947 (59%) with appropriate tax refund and an Annual Income of $1,000 per year for 5 years or $5,000 (50%) plus one (1) ShareVoucher.

Disclaimer: Example only, CFCS does not offer legal, accounting, or financial advice – ask your licensed advisor.

A “useful asset”, as solely determined by CFCS as a rentable, sellable, or transferrable asset that meets the missional goals of CFCS and its programs.  Examples might be a car, truck, boat, RV, aircraft, CD, securities, land, building, cryptocurrency, etc.  Also see™.


Our endowment fund, called ShareFund is funded from gifts and revenue share from within the entire system.  We have a challenging goal that CFCS and its donors will fund the endowment with up to $10 million by 2024.

We anticipate our ShareGrant Program to be available as the ShareFund Endowment grows. Grants will be offered to qualifying applicants of a one-time up to $10,000 business grant. The ShareGrant is similar to an Income Share Agreement (ISA) with universities, in that the grant receiver enters into a “pay it forward” arrangement with ShareFund. The agreement provides for a sharing of business income conditioned on the grant recipient’s business earning more than $2,000 per month; then, the recipient will donate 10% of gross net revenue per month until either $10,000 is given back to the ShareFund or 2 years have passed. There is no requirement to share profits after 2 years even if the grant shared is not donated back to the ShareFund. This giving/sharing will create an evergreen aspect to the endowment and CFSC operations. We anticipate that grantees, without obligation, may continue to give to the ShareFund under this share and receive principle, but it is not required.


ShareVouchers are a form of “use” or utility token which can be granted by CFCS to donors enabling them to access certain products of services available from CFCS or its affiliates. 

Simply, they exchange the voucher for partial payment for the product or service much like a coupon or air miles. 

For example:

For each $10,000 donated, the donor will receive a ShareVoucher that enables them to checkout a useful asset as an offset for that rental fee.  They of course will pay the rental difference, for insurance, fuel, etc. during the use period. 

A donor who gave $50,000 to CFCS might receive 5 vouchers in addition to their ShareCRUT earnings and could possibly rent for free useful stuff, if available, or any other qualifying product or service. 

We are still exploring all the ways we can use ShareVouchers to support our collaborative community.  One possible option is to employ a cryptocurrency or utility tokens strategy as well.

Certified Business Coaches

CFS Certified Business Coaches are franchisees of Collaborative Franchise Systems, LLC (CFS), an independent franchisor, that supports the CFCS mission. 

When Coaches sell training to our students, a portion of that tuition is shared as percentage rent to the CSC which is owned by CFCS and covers expenses and the endowment. 

Students are allowed to pay monthly for training from Certified Business Coaches and can receive a discount for paying tuition upfront. is an independent for-profit platform in collaboration between CFCS and SPECTRUM Advanced Markets, Inc. which is owned by our founder who is a Director and the Executive Director (CEO) of CFCS, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. was created as a way to generate revenue from in-kind useful assets donated to CFSC or offered by non-donors of in-kind useful assets but who share rent of their assets with CFCS and others. 

Useful Items might include but not limited to: a car, truck, boat, RV, aircraft, CD, securities, room, house, etc., land, or a building.  Later, it may include items valued at less than $10,000 as the and CFCS system matures.

LearnShare Library

The LearnShare Library is owned by CFCS. It incorporates content from multiple authors and content creators. There are currently four (4) shelves in this library.

  1. Free Community Content for all members and students.
  2. Affiliate Content provides revenue share to CFCS and CSC from the sales of this content.
  3. General Studies (prerequisites) for all Certification Tracks for students.
  4. Certification Tracks are business concept specific training for all students.

Students pay a monthly or annual Use Fee and access to the library is included in their tuition.  Authors who collaborate or share their intellectual property are compensated/share pro-rata as to downloads/use by students, from a monthly pool, created by a portion of the tuition

LeadShare Network

The LeadShare Network has chapters within each CSC and are lead by a CFS LeadShare Network franchisee. 

The purpose of the LeadShare Network is to help students/independent business owners to network within their community and also connect with other communities to share their customers/audience by providing referrals and receiving referral fees from other members. 

Collaborative Business Alliance (CBA)

The Certified Business Coach will host monthly meetings at the CSC or a designated venue for all businesses that have joined the CBA, paid the directory listing fee, and have an active directory listing on this platform.

The CBA monthly meeting will have a guest speaker, workshop, or business introduction session as well as networking and collaboration on projects.


Collaborators come in all sizes and shapes within our System.  They provide education, content, products, services, and other items needed to prosper CFCS and our members.  They may or may not share in income received by CFCS or others.  All Collaborators sign Collaborative Sharing Agreements (CSAs) with CFCS and others.