Center For Collaborative Sharing (CFCS) as an NPO/NGO

Center for Collaborative Sharing logo with card stating Nonprofit NGO


CFCS is a new non-profit formed in 2022 that has experienced leadership.  Our team comes from executive leadership in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. Dr. Needham has been a strategic business advisor in the Birmingham Metro area since 1993. He is currently CEO of SPECTRUM Advanced Markets, Inc. (SAMI).  SAMI provides business advice to C-suite executives in over 90 industries in several countries with the United States as its primary focus. Dr. Needham has worked with universities, non-profits, ministries, cooperatives, and franchise systems. He is a certified Instructional Systems Designer (ISD); an innovator in platform architecture as well as blockchain concepts.

The New Vision

CFCS will support community service and development, education, and scientific research, and community from a Christian ethics perspective; we not limited by religious preference and serve all faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicity. CFCS will direct activities in the furthering of entrepreneurial education specifically related to the concept of Sharing Capitalism; collaboration; business ethics, leadership alignment, compensation, and proper governance; innovation – including ideas and inventions supported by our collaborators; revenue-funded community service models; and other related topics to be announced at the appropriate time.

Board of Directors (BOD)

CFCS BOD is made up of inside directors and influential directors. The goal of the influential directors is executive wisdom and to build endowment. The inside directors provide management oversight of the NGO. The ratio should be about a 4:1 of influence to inside directors. We currently envision 3 inside directors and a total of 12 members on the BOD.  The Chairman is elected by the BOD on a two-year term basis and carries the tie-breaking vote, if required. The initial BOD will be nominated from recommendations by the founder, trusted advisors, and key collaborators. Dr. Needham, as Executive Director, will not be a board member for proper governance and compliance but will regularly attend meetings to advise and update the BOD.

Board of Advisors (BOA)

Advisors are qualified to be inside/influential directors but are in a support role (see BOD) and are the stewards of functions. Likely, they will rotate as influential directors.  There is no limit on the number of BOA members.

Officers/Leadership a Vision for Operations

All Officers are executives/entrepreneurs that collaborate with the NGO initially as volunteers but will participate in a form of Sharing Capitalism that rewards their contribution of time and talent.  At some point, the BOD will approve salaries for Officers and their staff.   This give first (volunteer), then receive follows the principle of the harvest which will be the mandate of the BOD on how the NGO is operated.